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Astronomy with a Celestron Telescope (English Edition) Prix: 8,99 (à partir de 04/08/2021 08:12 PST- Détails)

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Celestron is one of the leading manufacturers of telescopes for amateur astronomers. Celestron-telescopes are even used on the International Space Station ISS. What are this instruments capable of, which possibilities do they open up for you, and how can you discover the universe successfully?This book, which was made in cooperation with the German Celestron-distributor, gives you an overview on the modern Celestron-telescopes and will guide you through the first nights. If you want to know what you can see in the sky how to start successfully into astronomy, then you‘ll find many useful tipps and hints in this book, so that you will not stand clueless under the starry sky!It is divided in the following chapters:- An Overview of the Celestron-Telescopes – How to find the perfect telescope for your needs- First Nights with the Telescope – How to select and find the first objects in the night sky, and how to operate the telescope- The Sky – An overview of the night sky- Telescope Technique – How does a telescope work, and which accessories are useful?- Photography – What do you need for astrophotography?- Last not Least – Tipps and troubleshooting